Friday, September 29, 2006

The Costume

The Grim Reaper wears a cape and hood right???

Yeah, well... about 2 yards of fabric, careful measuring, and about 5 broken sewing needles later... it's still not done... i guess there was a slight miscalculation somewhere because the darned thing doesn't fit right...

Oh Well... it's either back to the drawing board -or- i improvise a little... i think i'm going to do the latter...

it was just going to be a basic hooded cloak, the usual... But now i think i'm going to add fleece cuffs and *hood extension... you'll see when it's done so i don't have to explain it and confuse even myself through my explanation

there will bea grand 'ole time, though, when he is finished though... he will be my favorite for now... until i get some of my other *twisted* ideas out of my head...

There's a storm a brewing... But i can't say which way this storm is coming from
later on,

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